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Music Association of California Community Colleges

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DE Addendum Models

Music Association of California Community Colleges (MACCC) is a welcoming body of music educators across the state. Its members strive to share information freely so that faculty do not have to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to state mandates and policy. The information below is a compilation of suggestions from a couple of MACCC's Board members, to help assist in the Distance Education (DE) world. This is an evolving document, and if you could use some suggestions with DE Addendums, read on! 

Title 5 Language

"Title 5, section 55204. Instructor Contact. In addition to the requirements of section 55002 and any locally established requirements applicable to all courses, district governing boards shall ensure that: (a) Any portion of a course conducted through distance education includes regular effective contact between instructor and student."

ACCJC Language

In addition, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) requires that Distance Education courses ensure that there is "regular substantive interaction" between instructor and student.

It is up to local colleges to determine Title 5's requirement for "regular effective contact" as functionally equivalent to ACCJC's requirement for "regular substantive interaction."

DE Addendums look different from campus to campus, however the resources below may be useful in Music Departments across the state.

Some Guidelines on Regular and Effective Contact (REC):

A REC Rubric created at San Joaquin Delta College to comply with the recent Title 5 updates

Samples of DE Addendums from San Bernardino Valley College:

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