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Dear Colleagues:

Fall semester is half over (more than half in some districts); the conference is just around the corner; and we are still here, doing our jobs, caring for students and each other, and thinking longingly about a return to normalcy.

Some version of normal will return.  Though it is still difficult to guess at the depth and breadth of the changes that will become more permanent.

What is permanent and won’t change is our collective love of music as an art and as a discipline and our need to share that love through performance and education.  Your participation with MACCC is an expression of that love.  You are supporting an organization that in turn supports you with camaraderie, advocacy, networking, and staff development.  Like all collectives, we are stronger and wiser with the greatest number of diverse voices. 

If you are visiting this website, you are the “choir” and I am preaching to you, all the while hoping you will preach to others.  I am so grateful to the colleague who, in 1994, said “I’ve been involved with MACCC.  It’s a good organization.  You should look into it.”  I did “look into it,” and that connection transformed my teaching career and later helped me, as a department chair, build a very strong music program at Bakersfield College.

I hope some of you will be that colleague to someone else.  Pay it forward, as it were.  And, thanks again Ron, that was really good advice.

Looking forward to seeing you (virtually) soon and in-person not too long after that.


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