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Music Association of California Community Colleges

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Our Mission

MACCC Mission Statement

The mission of the Music Association of California Community Colleges (MACCC) is to advance and amplify the cause of music education in the California Community Colleges.

MACCC accomplishes its mission in two ways: sharing best practices of quality, innovation, and relevance in music education, performance, literature, technology and industry, theory and composition; and coordinating and strengthening the voice of CCC music educators in policy and legislative discussions that impact music students, programs, and curricula.

MACCC engages with our members through our annual conference and throughout the year through our online presence.  MACCC influences the future of music education by interacting with statewide stakeholders such as the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges (ASCCC), the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC), the California Music Educators Association (CMEA), and Stand Up 4 Music.

Values include: Equity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence

Equity in the students we serve; the literature we program; the content we teach; the faculty we represent; and the cultures we transmit.  To value equity is to include and elevate all people and modes of musical expression and actively work against all forms of prejudice and exclusion.

Innovation in teaching methods and modalities, music industry practices, curriculum, concert programming, and expressing musical art.  To value innovation is to constantly question the status quo and to seek more and better solutions to educational and music-making challenges.

Collaboration within and among our members and their colleges; with other educational organizations; and with our transfer partners—both those that send their students to us and those to which we send our students.  To value collaboration is to celebrate one of the core truths about music-making itself: that a group, whether an ensemble, a class, or a performer connecting with an audience, can achieve so much more together than alone, and that this, in turn, allows us to share our collective humanity through artistic expression.

Excellence in all of our endeavors, whether musical, educational, or social.  To value excellence is to continually strive for the best possible outcomes in both the technical and emotional content of all of our actions.

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